About Us

Our Philosophies:

At ABSki we have two simple objectives.

Firstly, to give you as parents one less thing to worry about. Our professional nannies will ensure that everything is taken care of when it comes to your child, and our personal childcare packages will fit around your holiday needs.

Secondly, we want to give your child a holiday that they will never forget. Our passion for children is what drives us, and it is essential to us that your child has a wonderful time.

Through our years of experience we can confidently say that we understand your situation. You want to have fun on the slopes, but you want to feel free to do so without worrying about your children. We can guarantee you complete peace of mind while you enjoy the mountain, with your child and their holiday being our top priority. Please visit our ‘What We Offer’ page to see how we achieve this.

About Our Nannies:

Childcare excites us, passion drives us, and experience is what makes us excellent at what we do.

Our sound knowledge of the EYFS helps us to cater for the individual child by providing stimulating and educational activities. We place great emphasis on the importance of the outside environment, and Tignes provides us with the perfect setting to keep your child active whilst being safe.

We also love to explore the possibilities of inside activities at your accommodation, from investigatory play to sensory touch play for younger children. We have a wide variety of indoor games and equipment and love to develop you child’s creativity through arts and crafts.


Other important information about us:

– For babies and younger children we have snow-terrain-friendly push chairs.

– All of our nannies are fully insured for childcare.

– All of our nannies hold a current DBS certificate.

– All of our nannies are trained in First Aid

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